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How to facilitate hope in adolescents' health promotion?

Exploring hope and hopefulness in design




Hope is a complex phenomenon experienced by all people. Hope and hopefulness are particularly relevant in health contexts. However, the concept of hope has not yet been explored substantially in design. In the workshop, we will explore the potential of hope and hopefulness in design and how to facilitate hope in adolescents’ health promotion.



We aim to create tools to support reflections about hope in the design process and to make hope part of future design solutions.

The workshop will be conducted as an on-site, half-day workshop. First, we explore the concepts of hope and hopefulness and their potential in design. Second, we will create tools that could support the integration of hope and hopefulness into design processes and future design solutions. The workshop will be characterized by the application of generative techniques and collaborative exploration. Additionally, through collaboration and further work, we aim to introduce and develop hope in a broader design community.



The outcome of this workshop is to introduce the concept of hope to the participants, increase their awareness and mindfulness around the phenomenon, and inspire them to consider how they can incorporate this concept into their future design solutions.

By the end of the workshop, we will developed a set of tool proposals applicable to our future design solutions. Workshop organisers will obtain insight into the role of hope in design from the collective knowledge and expertise of the participants, as well as through collaborative design. This, in turn, will aid in shaping and guiding future efforts related to hope and hopefulness in design.

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